Coco Peat

Coir pith is collected during the process of coir fibre extraction from coconut husk. About 5kg of pith isobtained for every kg of fibre extracted. Till recent year, it was considered as waste and research has found many applications of coir pith. It is eco-friendly and bio-degradable.

Coir pith is 100% organic, has high water absorbent property, within its cellulose structure, and maintains humidity for a long time. Our Coconut Coir Pith is ideal for soil conditioning, improves water retention in permeable plants, planting lawns in parks and gardens, planting sport fields and golf courses and planting vegetable gardens. We are one of the prime Coconut Coir Pith Suppliers in India.

Coir pith, which has recently been widely recognized as this superior and perfect organic growing medium for fruits such as strawberry, vegetables such as pepper, cucumber, tomatoes, and flowers such as gerbera, gladiol, lily anthurium and rose. Coir pith is 100% organic and natural growing media. It is a multipurpose growing medium The horticulture industry often calls this substrate Coir-Pith (or Coir Pith) or coir-peat.

Coir pith is used as combustible fuel in boilers in some countries as the colorific of coir pith is high. Also it is used as an organic fertilizer in horticulture and floriculture as a soil container and substitute for soil. Its water retaining capacity and compressibility besides light weight are the main characteristics which make it widely applicable. Coir pith not only revitalizes your plants, it induces uniformity in growth by enhancing water retention and microbial activity. Coir pith contains high quality of nutrients that keep the soil healthy in a natural way. It acts as a top dressing that helps maintain moisture and reconditions the soil.

Coir peat is used as :
  • Conditioning soil.
  • Coir peat lightens and aerates too heavy soils.
  • Coir peat improves water retention in too permeable soils.
  • It is used in planting lawns in parks and gardens , planting sport fields and golf courses and planting vegetable gardens.
Coir Pith

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