Humic Stars

Humic Stars - Potassium Humate

Ryan Export & Import is the recognized distributor of Humic Stars for domestic and international market. Humic Stars is an organic component that’s used for Agriculture purposes. The basic of Humic Stars is Potassium Humate. The base of Humic stars is Humic Acid. This Potassium Humate is extracted from the lignite. It is very essential for the plant growth as well as for the increase in yield and long cultivation.

Humic Stars is an organic plant growth promoter, it enhances the soil condition and helps the plant to grow well.It increases water absorbtion, respiration, photosynthesis & germination rate, root, shoot growth & also increase the yield by 15-70% in many crops. We are providing highly effective humic acid to our clients. The farmers prefer growth regulators for it is easy to use any time. It is used as a spray or drenched in seed treatments.

Humic Acid is an organic water-soluble humic substance, derived from lignite. It is a good plant growth stimulant acting on soil and plants. It improves soil physical property, increases crop yields , makes plants stronger and pest resistant, ion exchange capacity, water holding capacity, drought tolerance ability; protect plants from physical soil stress and increase soil microorganisms, biological activity. This also prevents loss of nutrients from soil and act as a storehouse by keeping plant nutrients in soil. It increases crop growth and yield, soil fertility status and reduces use of chemical fertilizers.

Humic Acid also contributes to the conversion of minerals from an insoluble form to a soluble form through the release of carbonic gas, which equates to more crop production and higher yields for less money.

Advantages of Humic Stars

  • It is essential for the growth of the plant.
  • It holds the water capacity in the soil.
  • Increases the quantity and yields of crops.
  • It easily mixes with other granulated fertilizers.

Basic Components of Humic Acid:

Humic star is the base of Lignite Humic Acid as Potassium Humate in liquid form, and dilute with some essential minerals which are playing a vital role in agriculture Like Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), Potassium (K), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Sulfur (S), Ferric (Fe), Zinc (Z), Copper (Cu), Manganese (Mn).They diluted in a proper percentages and with the Humic Content .The PH level of Humic stars is been Organic.

Humic Acid Humic Acid Humic Acid

Methods of Application:

Soil Application:

Dilute 25ml to 30ml of Humic Acid to 1 liter of water. Apply directly to the soil (band or side dress) with the aid of conventional ground sprayer or back pack sprayer. Application rates may vary depending on type of soil and results required. Over application can be a benefit.

Foliar Application:

Recommended to use 1-1.5 liters/Acre. Dilute 1 to 1.5 liters in 200 liters of water. Apply with the aid of conventional ground sprayer or back pack sprayer. Application rates may vary depending on type of soil and results required. Over application can be a benefit.

Fertigation/Drip Irrigation:

Dilute 0.1 % of Humic Acid with water for Drip irrigation.

Various filed trial studies on the application of Lignite humic acid on various crop responses in different Agro-climatic conditions jointly conducted by Centre for soil and crop management studies, Department of soil science and Agriculture chemistry And Centre for Applied Research and Development Neyveli Lignite Corporation Ltd clearly proved the positive influence of humic acid on various crops. Project revealed the profitable use of humic acid obtained as potassium humate for augmenting crop production. Highest efficiency and productivity could be achieved with the use of humic acid.

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